Places to Find Your Perfect Job!

Are you looking for the perfect job, but don’t know where to start? Here are our top ten places to begin your vacancy search, both off and online!


LinkedIn is the top social media platform used by businesses and employers. If you don’t already have an account, create one! Your profile is designed to reflect an online CV, and many employers promote vacancies using this format.

Facebook and Twitter

More often in this current digital age, employers are using their free social media pages to advertise for vacancies within their company. Twitter is by far the best example of this, and there are dedicated Twitter pages that advertise vacancies, and you can even search relevant hashtags such as #vacancy or #jobopportunity to look for the newest vacancies out there!

Independent Job sites

There are hundreds of online job vacancy boards that you can take advantage of. They often list their vacancies in categories, making them extremely useful to locate a role in your area, and within the industry you want to gain employment in. Good examples of these are Indeed, Reed, Jobsite, Totaljobs and Monster – simply pop these into Google and you will find thousands of vacancies at your fingertips! These sites also often have additional functions that will come in handy, such as further advice and support, online CV builders and job matching services.

Government Universal JobMatch

Alongside independent job websites, you can make use of the government Universal JobMatch service by visiting You can create a profile and keep up to date with the latest vacancies.

Word of Mouth

Make use of your friends, family, social media and professional contacts! Ask around to see what vacancies are available. Many job vacancies are gained through word of mouth, so make sure that everyone around you is aware that you are seeking new employment.

Getting Out and About

Smaller businesses still utilise traditional methods of job advertising and it is still commonplace to see job adverts in windows. Take a walk around your local town centre armed with copies of your CV, and you will be surprised at the number of businesses willing to take a copy, even if they aren’t actively advertising for a vacancy!

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are everywhere, and are designed to act as the ‘middle man’ between job candidates and employers. Most recruitment agencies are free to access because they are paid by the employers, and they work to find suitable candidates for the vacancies. Try a Google search of local recruitment agencies in your area and give them a call – they may even support you to perfect your CV and prepare you for interviews!

Company Websites

If you can’t find the vacancies, why not go to them? If you have an idea of the industry or type of role you would like to work in, choose specific businesses and go straight to the careers or vacancies section of their websites to discover potential opportunities that they are advertising for.

Ask Employers Directly

Not finding the vacancies you want? Why not contact the businesses directly, enquiring about potential vacancies – employers might be impressed by your proactive-ness, and you might provide yourself with an opportunity to present your skills and attributes directly to potential employers, or at the very least, to send across a copy of your CV!

Volunteering Opportunities and Work Placements

A good method of getting your foot in the door with a company is to take on a volunteering role. If you are struggling to find a suitable role, why not search for volunteering opportunities? It will allow you to gain valuable work experience and you may gain a foot in the door with a company who might offer you a paid role further down the line. Alternatively, you could enquire whether a business would allow you to come in on a short work placement to allow you to gain experience. You never know, you might impress them enough to consider you for a permanent, paid role!