Improving Your Social Media Presence for Job Success!

The world is all about social media right now, and the majority of job seekers are active on Facebook, Twitter, and more. This could be both a benefit and a hindrance to your search for employment. Here are five tips to social media success when searching for jobs!

Tidy Up Your Profile

It is commonplace now for employers to search for more information on potential employees online, and this often brings them to your social media pages. In fact, employers have previously turned down candidates whose social media presence gave a negative impression! Remove any unsavoury images from heavy nights out and keep your language relatively professional.

Make Your Profile Private

If all else fails, change your social media profiles to private and if there is any content that the outside world CAN see, ensure that it is acceptable for an employer to view. This includes ALL social media pages, be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

Promote Yourself Online

Social Media can also be extremely useful for job seeking. Knowing that employers DO look for you online, you can use your profile to actually sell yourself and promote your transferable skills and knowledge. Share industry-related articles and updates, comment on current affairs and connect with employers and brands on social media to keep up-to-date with their ongoing projects and work.

Social Media as a Job Seeking Tool

You can even use social media as a way of locating potential vacancies, with brands and employers using this free resource to promote and advertise their current roles. There are dedicated Twitter and Facebook profiles that advertise roles. You can also search for specific hashtags, such as #jobopportunity #vacancy and so on!

Seek Valuable Information for Your Interview

If you manage to secure yourself an interview, social media pages can be the best resource of information about a company and brand, which you can use to prepare yourself for the questions you might face. You can keep up-to-date with the company’s news and updates, learn about their Marketing strategies and the type of customers and clients they engage with.