Beating the Job Searching Blues

Being unemployed and searching for jobs can be a tiring, lonely and ego-bruising process. Here are five tips to beating the unemployment blues whilst you search for your next role!

Stick to a strict routine

It can be quite easy, particularly if you have no other existing commitments, to lose track of a normal working routine. You might even find yourself sleeping longer, feeling less productive and increasing negative moods. It’s important to stick to a solid routine of waking up in a morning, avoiding day time naps and going to bed at a sensible hour. This simple act will work wonders for your job searching success and overall attitude to this process!

Join a gym or try out a local fitness class

Exercise is a proven mood lifter and gives you vital energy. Try joining a local gym or begin a new fitness class such as spinning or yoga. Not only will your health and mood be in tip-top shape, you’ll be out and about around other people, and it can provide a vital break in the endless filling out of applications and CV-distributing. By ‘scheduling in’ some form of exercise, you can also maintain a routine as suggested above! Can’t afford a gym membership? Invest in a good exercise DVD or follow a variety of the thousands of YouTube fitness tutorials. Failing that, go for a run!

Tick off a few outstanding ‘to-dos’ on your job list

We all have those to-do jobs on our list that never seem to get done, whether it be returning some paperwork, cleaning your car, clearing out the garage or donating books to charity – now is the time to declutter your to-do list to declutter your mind. Once these niggling chores are ticked off, you might even find yourself with an extra kick of productive energy to job search!

Start a hobby

Whether it’s a sport that you have always been too busy to dabble in, a language you’ve always meant to learn or a craft that you bought supplies for three years ago that you still haven’t tried out, now is the time to build upon your non-professional skills. All of these hobbies and more will improve your overall transferable skills which may in-turn boost your chances of gaining employment!

Maintain a good work/life balance

Searching for a new role, whether you’re employed or unemployed, can feel like a job in itself. Don’t forget to take a break from your search to enjoy a coffee with friends or visit family members. Like anything else, if you do something for too long, you become unproductive, losing the energy to continue, hindering your chances of finding your perfect role.