Lauren Chloe Roberts

Hello, my name is Lauren Chloe Roberts. I am 18 years old, I live in Wheatley in Doncaster.

Regarding my skills and what I’m suited for, I have a number of skills such as, I am friendly, enthusiastic and open minded. I enjoy structure in my life, and planning, I like thing to be done step by step to avoid making mistakes. I am very organised, trustworthy and committed to all my tasks.

My qualifications are lacking due to an extensive health problem I got when I was a young teen that lasted throughout my school years and became a burden during my exams, but I did manage to get a B in health and social, a C in childcare and I was a half mark away from getting a C in my English. My future plans do include re-visiting my studies and getting my maths and English and even my sciences, I intend to achieve this by taking night or part time courses. I love to learn and will bring that passion towards my work.

My extracurricular activities are St Johns Ambulance and Nation citizen service. In St Johns, I started as a badger and then worked my way up to been a cadet. I was there for about 5 years and participated in multiple parades such as Remembrance Day in Doncaster and Bradford. I earned my grand prior and was a certified first aider for 3 years. In the National citizen service course, we did two residentials and a first aid class. It included a lot of teamwork and physical work, I became a lot more confident around people and gained physical strength. These were both fun and invaluable life experiences that I can use in everyday life and into a job.

My future ambitions are to work in a people facing environment such as a receptionist, clerical and secretarial. I do hope on eventually going to university.

Thank you, Lauren Roberts.

For a copy of my CV, please email

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